Welcome! I am Jaci Steffan, I am a graphic designer, web designer, wife, mom and homemaker. I am excited to share my knowledge on the unique combination of design and homemaking.

A Little About Me

After graduating from high school I earned a Bachelor’s degree in graphic and web design from Dixie State College in Utah. I have worked using my degree in a variety of realms including religious, government, small business, and contract positions. My professional career started several years ago while being a wife and eventually a mother. I enjoy the variety of work graphic and web design covers.

I have two energetic kids that keep me busy! Most days they are both running in different directions. My house is a constant clutter despite doing my best to keep it clean. It seems after I clean one room, move to the next and go back to the once clean room that isn’t so clean anymore. But I love it. I am embracing these days knowing they won’t last forever.
With my passion for design I have had the opportunity to turn a hobby into a career. On the days where I need a little break from being a mom design provides me with the relief I need and on days where I have spent hours working at the computer I love having my kids to play with. My unique skills have provided me with a way to bridge homemaking and graphic design.

How It All Started

Echo Reservoir near Coalville UT

I grew up in a small town on the Wasatch back in Utah. It was the town my dad, grandpa, and great-grandpa grew up in as well. My dad has owned and operated his own excavating business there for more than 20 years. He is living what most call the “American Dream”. My dad living his dream taught me to always work hard and that it’s possible to do what you love while being your own boss.

At a young age I developed a love for computers and design. In high school I was able to be a teacher’s aid for the technology specialist at our school which provided me with the opportunity to take a stab at web design. I fell in love. One of my top career goals was to work in a field that allowed me to work from home while raising my kids when the time came. Graphic and web design was something I quickly developed a passion for and is something I can do anywhere; even at home. During my senior year my mom researched the best places to get a graphic and web design degree. She finally determined that Dixie State College had the best web design program in Utah. So I moved to Southern Utah.


I attended Dixie State College for 3 years. During that time I met my husband. After deciding that Dixie didn’t have what he wanted to study we moved to Logan so he could attend Utah State University. I finished my last semester at USU and was able to graduate with a bachelors degree in Computer Information Technology with an emphasis in Visual Technologies from Dixie State College.

While going to school my husband spent hours and hours at the library doing homework and studying each night. This usually left me with nothing to do after work (it almost made me miss homework. Haha). After seeing me waste away my evenings my husband told me I needed to find a hobby. Around this time he also informed me that our small cinderblock walled apartment could use some things to make it feel a little more like home. Shortly after being told these things I opened a Pinterest account in hopes of finding a new passion and ways to make our apartment feel like home. Well, it worked. I started with simple projects and eventually worked my way into large projects while using my design skills along the way. I now love finding sewing projects, new recipes, activities to do with my kids, and simple décor projects.

Life After School

After my husband graduated we moved to the Utah County area where I started working for the company I am currently working for in Draper. Shortly after taking this new job in Draper we found out we were expecting our first child. When he was a couple weeks old my husband took a position as a biologist for the state of Utah. Since then I have continued working part time from home for them while completing small contract jobs hear and there.

In 2016 I finally put time aside to start an Etsy shop. My main goal was to sell designs that others could benefit from. The programs that are used for graphic design are not cheap and like most traits it takes a lot of practice. I also know the feeling of spending hours and hours looking for the perfect graphic or image for my projects. My Etsy shop provides people that don’t have the skills or resources needed a place to find quality designs at an affordable price for their projects.

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