Project Description

Case: Baldwin Family Dental

Baldwin Family Dental is a dental office located in Logan, Ut. Their priority is to provide exceptional dental services for the whole family while explaining options, answering questions, and putting you at ease about your dental care.
Web Design

B Floral Website Home Page

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Baldwin Family Dental’s website is designed to help the user quickly find what they are looking for while getting to know the dentist, staff and services they provide quickly.

Baldwin Family Dental’s primary objective was to have a web presents so patients searching online would find them. Taking advantage of the space a ‘Pay Now’ button was added to provide patients with an online way to pay for their dental treatments. Finally, the articles section their website helps them continually provide new information as well as inform their patients of services they offer.

This website features a beautiful mega menu that is used to keep the header and navigation simple. The menu is split in two sections making it easy for users to quickly find what they are looking for. It also features a blog that is used to provide a place for constant content updates to help with SEO. Last but not least the reviews on the reviews page as well as in the blog side bar and pulled in from google.

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Travis Baldwin, Baldwin Family Dental