Case: I Love Coalville

I Love Coalville is a citizen group that supports well-balanced and well-planned growth in the Coalville area. In spite of clearly expressed and nearly unanimous citizen opposition the Coalville City Council voted  to approve a large-scale luxury community that would double the population of Coalville.

They reached out to me in an effort to provide accurate information, educate, and involve the citizens of Coalville on this important topic in the Community.

Logo Design
Web Design
Marketing Materials

Logo Design

The I Love Coalville citizens group needed a logo quickly designed so Coalville residence with similar views could put it in their windows to show their support of the group. It was important for the logo to also fit on all of the marketing materials that it would be applied to as well. A horizontal version of the logo was also created and implemented.

I Love Coalville Website Home Page

I Love Coalville Website Home PageB Floral and Gift Gift PageI Love Coalville Contact Page

Marketing Material

In an effort for the citizens group to reach out to all citizens in Coalville they requested a mailer be designed. This mailer needed to provided uninformed citizens of the important issues going on and in courage them to attend an event to learn information and sign their potion.