Spring is one of my favorite seasons. The air is still a little cool, everything is green, and new life is emerges. Spring time is also softball and baseball season! The cool but can still give you a sunburn air, hearing the crack of the ball inside a mitt and the ping of the ball hitting the bat have always gotten me excited.

When I met my husband we quickly found that we had a common passion for softball. As a result we would spend hours playing catch and talking. We have since played on several co-ed softball teams together. Since our love for softball was what kick-started our relationship I have always wanted to make a sign using a home plate. When I came up with the design home is my favorite place to be for my etsy shop I designed it with the future project of adding this design to a home plate in mind. This home plate sign an easy project that doesn’t take too much time and is theĀ  perfect DIY home decor for any baseball or softball loving families home. It would also make a perfect end of season baseball or softball coaches gift. Each of the players could sign it with their name and number.

Supplies You Will Need

Alright! Lets get to the project. Here is a list of what you will need.

  • Wood in the shape of a home plate. I purchased my home plate off of Amazon.
  • Home is my favorite place to be decal. The design can be purchased at my etsy shop Steffan Design. Since we are using it as a stencil it can be any color.
  • Threads decal. This can be downloaded here. Just like the previous decal since we are using it as a stencil the vinyl can be any color.
  • Wood Finish. I used Dark Walnut 2716. Any dark finish will work though.
  • A paint brush for the finish
  • Rag or old shirt
  • Modpodg
  • White and Red acrylic paint
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Masking Tape (optional). Used to place stencil on strait.
  • Clear spray paint lacquer

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 – Stain Your Board

Using the wood finish, paintbrush and rag or shirt stain the home plate board. Make sure you follow the instructions on the can of finish. Remember a little stain goes a long ways. After some stain has been applied use the rag or shirt to spread it around.

Step 2 – Apply The First Decal

Once the stain is dry use the masking tape to create a guide on where to place your home is my favorite place to be decal. Place the decal on the wood. I used a card to press down the decal so it would stick to the wood a little better.

Step 3 – Modgpoge The Whole Board

Now that the decal is in place we can remove the masking tape. Using the sponge brush apply a thin coat of modgpoge over the decal and board. There are a couple reasons for applying modgpog all over the board. The first reason is because it keeps the paint from seeping under the vinyl letters. The modgpog helps keep clean crisp lines. The second reason is to keep your paint from soaking into the stain and wood.

Step 4 – White Wash The Board

After the modgpog has dried use the sponge brush and white acrylic paint to white wash the whole board. You can paint over the letters too.

Step 5 – Adding The Threads

Before proceeding with this step make sure that the while acrylic paint has completely dried. If it doesn’t dry the vinyl stencil in this step will not stick to the board. Place the threads decal on the board and paint them using the modgpog. Again this will ensure that the paint doesn’t bleed under the vinyl letters. Once the modgpog is dry paint the threads with red acrylic paint.

Step 6 – Peel Off The Vinyl

The next step is to peel of the vinyl. The thread paint does not need to be dry to start peeling off the vinyl. Just make sure that the paint doesn’t smudge when peeling it off. Next remove the home is my favorite place to be decal. I found that using an exacto knife is helpful.

Step 7 – Spray With Clear Lacquer

Finally, spray the whole board with the clear lacquer spray paint and let it dry. The lacquer protects the board and paint from scratches and scuffs. Once the lacquer on your home is my favorite place to be sign dries you can add your choice of picture hangers to the back. See picture above.



This cute baseball home decor project is perfect for any baseball or softball lovers home. It would also make the perfect end of season baseball coaches gift. Each of the players could sign the board with their name and number. I have so many amazing memories of playing softball I am excited to add this little piece of softball home decor to my home.